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    High-quality range of lupin kernel meal options in WA

    Welcome to Kalgrains Pty Ltd, your local specialist of choice for lupin kernel products in Western Australia.

    We are a family-run business with over 32 years’ experience, and we specialise in de-hulling lupins. Kalgrains Pty Ltd is the pioneer of lupin de-hulling in Western Australia. We are the largest producer of lupin kernel meal.

    In our three decades of operation, we have gathered together our knowledge and experience to perfect the process of de-hulling lupins. In recent months, we have upgraded our de-hulling plant – our advancements allow us to guarantee all customers that our product is produced efficiently and is of the highest quality available on the market.

    The main uses for de-hulled lupins lie in poultry and commercial fish farms.

    As well as specialising in lupin de-hulling, we also do contract milling for other exporters to countries including Japan and those with commercial fish farms. 

    To find out more about our lupin kernel meals, call our friendly team today on 0427 096 085
    and we will be happy to help with all of your enquiries.

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